Binary Vortex
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Option 1: Registration for Binary Vortex Only (cost: $ 9.00)

This registration is good for Binary Vortex (including all future versions). It does not cover any other SB-Software programs (such as SBNews or QuadSucker). This option is for those people who wish to purchase Binary Vortex, and only Binary Vortex. It's perfect if you're on a budget.

Click the button to the left to register for Binary Vortex using the popular PayPal service. This registration includes Binary Vortex only, and does not inlcude other SB-Software programs.
[Cost: $ 9.00]

Note: You must be running version 2.8 or newer for the $ 9.00 registration to work. If you are not running version 2.8 or newer, then please download, install, and verify that it works for you before registering.

Option 2: Register the SB-Software Package Deal (cost: $26.95)

The "Package Deal" option gives you a registration code that works with not only Binary Vortex, but a whole host of other SB-Software programs, including SBNews, QuadSucker/News, QuadSucker/Web, SortPics, and more. Your code is good for all future versions of those programs. This option is perfect for the user who wants the best value for his money -- you get all kinds of tools, including a wealth of news and web downloaders. You can download just about anything with this set of tools.

Click the button to the left to register the entire SB-Software Package Deal. Registration is fast, simple, and secure. Supports all versions (past, present, and future)
[Cost: $26.95]

For more information about the SB-Software Package Deal (and a complete list of the included software), click here. I also accept registrations by PayPal and RegNow.




For a limited time, the registration fee (for Binary Vortex only!) has been reduced from the usual $15.00 to $ 9.00.

Please Register!

If you've had enough time to evaluate the software, then please consider paying the registration fee. It provides the author (me) with the funds necessary to continue to develop the software. Registering also has the side-benefit of removing that annoying "please register" screen!

Registration Facts:

Lifetime Registration -- includes all future versions. Registration is a one-time fee only.

The charge will appear on your credit card as "SB-Software".

Secure payment processing is provided by Verisign Payment Services.

You can also register using the popular PayPal service if you prefer.