Janet Jackson Links

Welcome to the page of Janet Jackson links. For whatever reason (must be that superbowl screen cap), the vortex website is flooded by people searching for Janet Jackson information. So, I put a whole bunch of crap here in this one spot that you folks can use as a jumping off point to hopefully find what you're looking for.

First off, your best place to find music, videos, music, and other items for free is from newsgroups. Check out all of the following places:

Check out the tutorial on downloading pictures of celebrities at binary vortex. You can download pictures of celebrities for free. What can be better than that?

Also, there's a QuadNews tutorial that will you how to download music videos from the Internet. Again, you can download them for free. And I found a lot of Janet Jackson videos there.

Check out this page with some screen caps of the Janet Jackson sunbathing video.

Need some Janet music, then check out the following music CD discs:

Janet ~ Janet Jackson

The Velvet Rope ~ Janet Jackson

Rhythm Nation 1814 ~ Janet Jackson

Control ~ Janet Jackson

How about some Janet Jackson DVDs:

Janet Jackson - From Janet to Damita Jo: The Videos ~ Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson Collector's Edition ~ Janet Jackson

Again, I want to stress that many times you can find what you're looking for online for free, if you just know where to look. Newsgroups are an excellent source of music, pictures, music videos, and more. They're often overlooked by people because they aren't familiar with them.