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This howto describes how to use Binary Vortex to download pictures from newsgroups. Downloading pictures form newsgroups can be fun, educational, or just something to do. People post all kinds of pictures about all kinds of things. Beware that the newsgroups are a great "free speech" area, and you might very well encounter images of just about anything!

Table of Contents

Step #1: Download Binary Vortex
Step #2: Run Binary Vortex
Step #3: Setup your news server information
Step #4: Pick some newsgroups
Step #5: Lets do some downloading!
Step #6: View your downloaded pictures

  Binary Vortex downloading Jenna Elfman pictures

Also, have a look at the brand new Android Newsgroup Downloader. Android is a third-generation newsgroup downloader and excels at downloading large files such as movies, mpegs, mp3s, RAR archives, and more!

This page is just a brief introduction to the picture downloader. Click here view the complete tutorial, with illustrations. The full tutorial shows you exactly what to do, and how to use the software.

If you're looking for the Janet Jackson picture, it's at the bottom of this page. But, please have a look at the rest of the document, it will tell you how you can download celebrity pictures yourself from newsgroups. Downloading from newsgroups is often free, and you can often find brand new content that hasn't been seen on websites yet! Check out for more information on a variety of newsgroup downloading tools, and how to use them to download pictures, movies, music, and more.

There's a lot more to the groups than just pictures -- there are groups for videos, movies, music, and more. You'll be surprised how much cool stuff you can discover online.


First of all, the website that you are viewing right now is NOT a picture website. Although you're probably looking for pictures, that's not specifically what this website is for. What this website does is to instruct you on how to use a tool, called Binary Vortex, to download pictures from the Internet.

So, what are newsgroups? Well, newsgroups are public places where information can be shared. Vortex includes a newsgroup picker dialog box that will help you locate the group that you're looking for. For example, I entered the word "celebrities" in the search box, and it brought up a whole bunch of groups, including alt.binaries.celebrities.fake.moderated, alt.binaries.nude.celebrities, and We'll pick for now, and continue with our example.

Below is a picture of what the Binary Vortex downloader looks like:

The Binary Vortex Main Window  The Binary Vortex Main Window

The quick run that I produced using Binary Vortex to write this HOWTO guide yielded pictures from Janet Jackson, Shannon Doherty, Jay Leno, Angelina Jolie, Jenna Elfman, Jennifer Love Hewitt, Kelly Ripa, and more! Binary vortex actually downloaded over ten thousand pictures in the space of just a few hours. Below is one sample screen shot of the program while it's running to give you an idea of what it looks like. It's all very easy to do, and mostly automatic.

See the full tutorial for instructions on configuring and using vortex.

The main interface for Vortex has a <Start> and a <Stop> button. Press the start button and it starts downloading pictures from the groups you selected. Press the stop button, and it stops. It's as simple as that! A couple of things have to happen before you see any pictures -- vortex needs to log on to the news server and download the news headers first. This should all happen automatically, and vortex should display what is going on, like "Connecting to news server", or "Downloading Headers". Most newsgroups have lots and lots of headers, so the downloading headers phase might take a while.

Did you know that there are different kinds of news downloaders, some that can download as many as four pictures simultaneously, as well as specific software for mp3 and mpeg groups? Visit and learn all about newsgroup downloading!

Viewing your downloaded pictures

Binary Vortex has a built in jpeg image viewer that can be used to view the pictures after you've downloaded them. The viewer is a full functional image viewing program, and supports jpeg, gif, bmp, and many other image formats. It even has a slideshow function to automatically play the downloaded pictures.

Here is a shot of the viewer showing a picture of Janet Jackson from her famous superbowl "wardrobe malfunction".

Please note I've shrunk down the image and reduced the quality on purpose to prevent people from thrashing the web server by linking the picture to the whole damn internet! The real picture is 1024 x 768. If you really want to see the Janet Jackson Boob picture that bad, then just download binary vortex and use it to get the picture yourself! :) And no, I won't email you a picture of the real picture. :)

Looking for the Janet Jackson Sunbathing Movie ?

Also check out the Janet Jackson links page!

You can also get a standalone version of the Binary Vortex viewer in a product called SortPics. The SortPics viewer has some additional features, such as the ability to quickly categorize photos and seek out and destroy duplicate images.

Full Tutorial...

This is the end of the brief introduction to the Binary Vortex picture downloader. Now, click here to follow a link to the full tutorial that is completely illustrated and shows you how to download, configure, and use the software!

Click here to go to the Binary Vortex HOWTO and FAQ listing


Newsgroups are an excellent source of pictures, movies, and other files.

I recommend the following resources to get started downloading files from newsgroups:

A Tale of Three Newsreaders: choosing the right downloader.

Tutorial: Downloading MPEG videos from newsgroups using QuadNews.

Android Newsgroup Downloader: Illustrated Quick Start to downloading newsgroups.

Also, try out the following newsreaders. All of them have free trial versions:

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SBNews / News Robot

Binary Vortex


If you're looking for great Internet Shareware and Freeware, try checking the SB-Software Products page, where you'll find everything from newsgroup downloading software to website downloaders, to image viewers and sorters! All of the software has free-to-download fully functional versions. 


So what can you download from newsgroups? ...

  • Pictures

  • Movies

  • Music

  • Archives

  • Software

Your Internet Service Provider usually supplies you with newsgroup access as part of your Internet Service -- this means that newsgroup access is usually 100% free!

Binary Vortex is the easiest downloader to master for downloading pictures, but you might also want to try the following if you want to download movies, music, or other files:

Android Newsgroup Downloader


SBNews / News Robot