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Binary Vortex support for Encrypted Usenet Connections

Versions 3.8 and above support encrypted connections.

Support for encrypted usenet server connections has been added to binary vortex. Encrypted news access allows you to securely encrypt the internet connection between binary vortex and your news server. This protects the articles that you are receiving from being intercepted by third parties. It also protects your news server username and password.

Encrypted usenet access does require a news server that supports encrypted usenet connections. Please check with your news server before attempt to enable the encryption feature. If you enable it and your news server does not support the feature, then the connection will likely fail. Some news servers charge additional money for encrypted connections; please check with your service provider to be sure.

Encrypted usenet support has now been implemented into the official stable release of Binary Vortex version 3.9. The support is new, so if you notice any problems, please report them to

The option to use an encrypted usenet connection is located in the news server configuration section of the Binary Vortex "setup" tab. There's a little checkbox that says 'use encrypted connection'. If you check that box, then Vortex will attempt to open the encrypted connection. If you do not check it, then vortex will use a standard non-encrypted connection. Remember that your news server must support encrypted usenet connections for you use use this option.

encrypted usenet support for binary newsreader

SB-Software also offers numerous other downloaders that support encrypted newsgroup services. These include the popular QuadSucker/News and Android Newsgroup Downloader. Visit the SB-Software website for more information on these other encrypted newsreaders and downloaders.


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