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All about the 'adult' newsgroups:

A significant portion of the usenet is devoted to adult newsgroups. Adult newsgroups contain binary images (jpegs) of sexually oriented content. A wide variety of newsgroups exist relating to many different subjects. Disclaimer: I do not endorse or support any content related to any newsgroups contained on the usenet. Use of information obtained from the Internet, usenet, or this web page is strictly at the user's own risk and I shall not be held accountable for any damages relating to use or misuse of this information.

I have always maintained a policy not to specifically support adult content, but the overwhelming requests for this information have made it necessary to provide some reference on the subject. I must stress again, use this information at your own risk, and with no guarantee.

Adult newsgroups usually follow the pattern "". A good example is "", which is a generic group for amateur female pictures.

Why newsgroups? Why not websites?

Money. It's as simple as that -- newsgroups are free and websites cost money. A website requires a centralized server that handles all user requests, and thus to host a pornography website costs a lot of $$ to handle all of the traffic. However, newsgroups are a distributed system -- news is transmitted to various ISP's, and stored on the ISP's computers. It's like each ISP has a little piece of the content on it, and this minimizes costs significantly.

Most adult websites charge a fee, either monthly or yearly. Some claim to be free, but usually have some trick associated with them that requires use of your credit card for "verification" purposes! Newsgroups are free, and so is BinaryVortex.

Why not download manually using a normal newsreader?

Normal newsreaders are optimized and designed for text transmission, not image transmission. Images are big and require a lot of bandwidth to transfer to your computer, and this requires a lot of time. The best solution is to download your images automatically, in an unattended manner, and then review them at your leisure. This is exactly what BinaryVortex is designed for -- it can run unattended overnight leaving you with content for review the next day. Automatically and flawlessly.

Configuring BinaryVortex to download adult newsgroups:

BinaryVortex treats adult newsgroups no differently than standard newsgroups. The program itself simply does not care what you download. The first step is to enter the names of some adult newsgroups into the download list. This is accomplished on the 'groups' tab, using the <Add> button. Pressing the <Add> button will bring forth a dialog listing all of the available newsgroups (you may have to press 'refresh' if your newsgroup list is not up-to-date).

If you wish, you can scroll the window into the section (just keep scrolling down until you get there). Then you will see all of the available adult newsgroups. Click on one and it will appear in the edit box below, then click <Ok> to add it. Repeat until you get all of them you want.

Additional information pertaining to adult newsgroups:

The adult groups have a tremendous problem with "spam" (unwanted commerical bulk posts). This is because the commercial sites think the public is stupid enough to give out their credit cards at the easiest provocation. There are even spam messages by some competitors of BinaryVortex (shame on them -- that's reason alone to register my product rather than theirs!)

Avoiding spam could be called an art rather than a science. The easiest way is to enter various "kill strings" into BinaryVortex. The kill strings will prevent any message from being downloaded that contains the given text in the from or subject fields. If you notice a particular spammer, you can thus lockout his name or subject with a simple keystroke.

Newsgroups may contain material that is illegal in your area. Remember, the Internet is a world-wide system, and the laws that apply to the sender may not be the same laws that apply to the receiver. Therefore, it is possible for you to download illegal material. My best advice is, if you notice such material, to delete it immediately and enter the sender into a "kill string" to prevent downloads from that person again.

Content ranges in many forms: images (gif, jpeg, bmp), movies (mpeg, avi), and even sound files (wav,au). Small to medium size files (i.e. jpeg and gif) which fit within one single news message are easiest to handle as newservers tend to drop parts of the larger multipart files at random. If you really want to download movies, then I would suggest finding a good website somewhere, pay them a monthly fee, and get all the movies you want without error.

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